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    writing adult emails is awful

    its like

    hi [name of person], 

    this formatting is making me uncomfortable but I have to tell you something / ask you something that is vital to my career as a student. 

    I re-read and edited that sentence for an hour, but you’ll probably just glance over it for half a second.


    - [name]



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    imagine if girls used the same style of joke to degrade men like “cool story bro now go chop some lumber”


    "what r u doing out of the garage go fix my car"

    "Don’t you have something to fix somewhere."

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  4. Anonymous asked: "Matching tattoos, eh?" John murmured, still very much occupied with pressing kisses to Sherlock's jawline. "I don't know, Sherlock... I suppose you'd have to show me the bullet wound you're thinking of." He was being cheeky, and they both knew it. Still, it seemed preferable over the more serious topic of conversation. Matching tattoos... A strangely juvenile idea, yet with the potential for something much deeper, depending entirely on how much meaning the two of them put into it.


    Sherlock couldn’t be sure if John was kidding around with him or if he really needed a reminder of Mary and what she did. He decided John was kidding but still he unbuttoned his shirt and exposed the scar much like John’s own.

    "It was a stupid idea." He mumbled "Ignore me."

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    emma watson confusing famous people

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    the incredibles 2 better have the original characters in it like

    the kid who voiced dash is like 20 now

    i don’t care if we have college age dash

    i don’t care if violet is an adult

    i don’t care if jack-jack is a preteen/teenager

    keep them in it

    in fact it’d be pretty cool if it was like this

    really cool

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  7. You two have been traveling. You just came back from Asia, is that right?

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  8. brookeeverdeen:

    "everything jennifer lawrence does is just an act!"

    here is jennifer lawrence in 1995


    you know which girl i’m talking about 

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    a little doodle to practice photoshopppp

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  12. "It was supposed to end with us."
    — Sherlock 7-word story. (via marymorstran)

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    Benedict Cumberbatch

    Bonus: close up of the face

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    If you don’t have a massive alternative universe in your head with developed people and stories you’re lying.

    If you don’t have more than one, you’re not trying.

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    look they named a pizza after me

    which one the loaded potato??? poseidon??? white pizza???

    poseidon. it was poseidon. i’m actually the god of the sea. now everyone knows